Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Party

My daughter had a Halloween party this past weekend and boy was it a packed house! So many kids showed up and they all had a blast. We played the nose on the mummy, hot pumpkin, wrap the mummy and of course we had an eye ball pinata. The kids couldn't be any cuter! Along with the traditional costumes...vampire, princesses, fairies, super heroes we also had a few celebrities show up...Vanessa Hudgens, Hannah Montana, Raven from the Cheetah Girls and Brett Farve. Below are some of the pictures from the party.

My favorite decoration had to be the witches bottles. I made labels off of Word and just stained them to look old with tea bags. I'll share my secrets but being kids they asked if the stuff was real and of course I said yes so for them it was believable :)

* Snake Venom - I took out the sponge thing from a green highlighter marker and soaked it in water. Came out a great green effect.
* Mountain Gnome Snot - Just slime from Wal-mart
* Curses - Water and food coloring to make black
* Baby ogre eyes - Plastic eyeballs with a little bit of green food coloring in water
* Pixie bones - Flour with some glitter in it since pixies are magical
* Crypt dirt - just that dirt
* Bat's blood - a bottle of blood from the halloween store
* Spider eggs - Cheese cloth rolled into a ball and soaked with mod podge
* Love potion - A very little bit of red food coloring in water to look pink with glitter
* Poison - just a bottle spray painted with a flat black
* Pixie wings - leaves painted white

All this set off with a cauldron (but of course what else would a witch mix her potions in), spider webs, spiders and my skulls. All the bottle lids were painted a flat black and either wrapped in rope or tied for old look. I plan to add more bottles each year so if you have any ideas let me know :)

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BroKe said...

OMG!!! Go to Target and other Halloween stores now, everything is on clearence!! My bridesmaids raided a bunch of places today tand got tons of skulls for the wedding!! GO NOW!!! lol

I love the bottle idea, I think I saw a tute on Craftster on how to do that, and I wanted to so bad. I will be scheming ideas, and let you know.