Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recap: Dallas Burlesque Festival

The Dallas Burlesque Festival was a blast!! I feel sorry if you missed it because it was so much fun! Amber Deville ended up wearing a PVC bustle I made (which I have yet to put them up for sale but I will soon) for the live model fashion shoot. She looked FAB in it!! I met a lot of new people and saw some friends.

Here is a video put together of the live model photoshoot. I wish I knew who to give credit for this awesome video. This isn't exactly safe for work so be careful where you watch it ;)

Amber Deville before the photoshoot

I also got interviewed while vending for a burlesque documentary. For those that know me know I can be pretty shy in person. This was NO exception! I BOMBED it so bad that it will be embarassing if they put it in the video haha. Everything they asked seemed to make my mind go blank so there were a lot of 'uhms' in there. Horrible haha! Well anyway here is a photo from it

I just wanted to add one more photo I took of the outside of the theater.

Texas Theater - Once owned by Howard Hughes the theater is also infamous for having been the scene where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Can't wait until next year ;)