Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sock Monsters...the rage!

I want to introduce some new friends that seem to be VERY popular at shows I vend at. They are called sock monsters and are cool in a twisted way. They are made from a pair of socks and have miss-matched button eyes. Some have tales some don't and each one is unique in their own way. Ever wonder when you do laundry and you lose socks where they go??? Well now you know ;)

Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls was amazing! The Texas Tarts and Armhole did a great job. The day ran by smooth from the vendor aspect and you can tell they really put in a lot of time to make it successful. The vendors were great and friendly...one reason I love the Dallas indie scene. I had a ton of people mention they seen my myspace page or read my bulletins and that's cool...go myspace for free advertisement!

My daughter has always been a crafty little one. From as soon as she could pick up crayons she always loved to color and draw. She loves to get art sets and play with them. Her line has been "when I grow up I want to be creative like you." That alone amazes me. I'm glad she appreciates what I do but of course anything new I make she HAS to have the first one haha. Well with her wanting to make things and sell like her momma I thought of the perfect project. With the help of Brooke from Crossbones Couture giving me tips I decided to buy the materials for her to make Bubble Magnets. They actually are pretty cool and she loved making them. She made out pretty well and only had a few left. I will probably throw them up on my etsy so she can still sell them since the next show is a ways away.

Thanks to the Texas Tarts and Armhole for putting on a great event and to all the people who stopped by my booth to say hi. Also a big thank you to my brother and sis-in-law for helping out so I could go see my baby's cheer competition and all the people who supported her first adventure in sales.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Just added to my inventory. Snatch yours for the holiday season and look stylish while cooking and baking or as a gift for that special domestic goddess! Available at my etsy store (click link below picture titled PoisonedCreations).

For you mamas out there I can even make your little girl a matching apron of her own for when she feels the need to help you bake. If you would like message me and I'll add the listing just for you!

As a added bonus I can send the apron as is or you can choose a applique for me to add to either the pocket or up by the chest. Choose from either a brass knuckle, skull and crossbones, heart and crossbones or stitched up heart (for pictures look at my other listings for clutches).


Pistons and Paint

This past weekend was my best show yet!! I was a vendor at Pistons and Paint and let me tell you the Chupacabras put on a awesome show! The vehicles were awesome the people were cool and the music was great! I was almost left with a bare table. I bought an awesome piece of art work from the great Crash. I'll post a picture of it soon. Nice meeting everyone that stopped by!

Thanks again to the Chupacabras...great show!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

It's almost that time again!!

Pistons and Paint

If you haven't been to this show it's definitely a must!  The Chupacabras definitely know how to have a good time.  My husband will also be shooting the show for Car Kulture Deluxe and Ol' Skool Rodz. http://www.myspace.com/brs_photography

You don't want to miss out!

Halloween Party

My daughter had a Halloween party this past weekend and boy was it a packed house! So many kids showed up and they all had a blast. We played games...pin the nose on the mummy, hot pumpkin, wrap the mummy and of course we had an eye ball pinata. The kids couldn't be any cuter! Along with the traditional costumes...vampire, princesses, fairies, super heroes we also had a few celebrities show up...Vanessa Hudgens, Hannah Montana, Raven from the Cheetah Girls and Brett Farve. Below are some of the pictures from the party.

My favorite decoration had to be the witches bottles. I made labels off of Word and just stained them to look old with tea bags. I'll share my secrets but being kids they asked if the stuff was real and of course I said yes so for them it was believable :)

* Snake Venom - I took out the sponge thing from a green highlighter marker and soaked it in water. Came out a great green effect.
* Mountain Gnome Snot - Just slime from Wal-mart
* Curses - Water and food coloring to make black
* Baby ogre eyes - Plastic eyeballs with a little bit of green food coloring in water
* Pixie bones - Flour with some glitter in it since pixies are magical
* Crypt dirt - just that dirt
* Bat's blood - a bottle of blood from the halloween store
* Spider eggs - Cheese cloth rolled into a ball and soaked with mod podge
* Love potion - A very little bit of red food coloring in water to look pink with glitter
* Poison - just a bottle spray painted with a flat black
* Pixie wings - leaves painted white

All this set off with a cauldron (but of course what else would a witch mix her potions in), spider webs, spiders and my skulls. All the bottle lids were painted a flat black and either wrapped in rope or tied for old look. I plan to add more bottles each year so if you have any ideas let me know :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm on a new board!

After the closing of CUTI Brooke from Crossbones Couture introduced me to a new board. It seems real cool and has cool people on it. I just started posting so come on and join! Below is the link you know you want to click it and join!

DIYscene.com - DIY Clothing, Indie Design, and Craft Discussion Forum

I'm sad to see CUTI go. I will definitely miss some of the people if they don't sign up for this board and the craft swaps.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Kitchen

I'm in the process of re-decorating my kitchen with a dia de los muertos theme. As soon as I'm done I will post pics. I can't wait for it to be finished. In the mean time here is a sneak peek of a few items I have created.

Etsy Dallas

There's a new Etsy team! Check out Etsy Dallas and see what it's all about


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Welcome to my thoughts and projects!

This is my first post and wanted to share a little about me and my family. My name is Kim I live in Dallas, TX. with my husband Bobby and 7 year old daughter Leila. My husband does photography for several publications - Mini Truckin', CK Deluxe, Diesel Power, Truckin', etc. My daughter is into cheerleading and spends quite a bit of time doing that. She also is following in her mom's footsteps in being crafty. She has always been into drawing and doing that kind of stuff and now that she is a bit older and able to she likes doing those craft sets. I have a full-time job and run a business on the side selling a lot of my projects called Poisoned Creations. I make baby bibs, blankets, pillows, headbands, clutches, purses, aprons and necklaces all with an edge. They contain skulls, cherries, day of the dead, pin up girls, cars, leopard or zebra print. All inspired by my love of music, culture, tattoos and custom vehicles but that's not to say I only sew. I love doing Mod Podge projects, stenciling shirts, turning old vinyl records into bowls and wrecking anything I can. So sit back and enjoy my thoughts and projects.